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Who is Covered by my Car Insurance if I am Not Driving?

If your friend borrows your car while hers is in the shop, or if your son lets a friend drive the family car, the coverage for the vehicle will be provided by your insurance, in most cases. While each state has its own driving laws and regulations on car insurance, generally the coverage follows the car. So if you borrow your sister's car, then your sister's auto insurance policy will cover the damages. Simply put, the vehicle's insurance is usually the primary policy that pays when a claim needs to be made.

However, in cases where the insurance on the vehicle isn't enough, due to low limits or poor coverage, the driver's insurance company may be liable for the remaining costs of the damages to the driver, a passenger or the vehicle. In this case, the driver's insurance company will be called upon to pay out for the damages that were incurred in an accident.

Of course, all states have different laws, so it's essential to know how the insurance system works in your state before you let others drive your vehicle. If you frequently allow others to borrow your vehicle, it's a good idea to make sure that you have more than the minimum amounts of coverage which your state requires. While no one expects their borrowed vehicle to be returned in a damaged condition, accidents happen. If they do, you probably don't want the additional hassle of having to deal with another insurance agency to sort out the payment details if the drivers' insurance has to be used.

Find out your state's insurance laws, compare auto insurance quotes instantly from this website, or contact your local independent agent today. They will be happy to sit down and discuss your insurance needs so that you can drive around with confidence, knowing that you--or the person who's borrowing your car--are adequately insured.

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